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When our business struggled to find a good programmer, I decided to teach myself to code. My first coding project eventually turned into a business with almost 100,000 users.

As the business prospered, we had to expand our team, which included the development unit. I took on the role of a Chief Technology Officer, managing the group of coders. In late 2021, I wanted to utilize what I had learned and help churches, which led to the creation of SermonShots.com. I changed from leading a development team to heading the sales/marketing, customer relations, and creative teams.

I speak at church marketing events on social media and the most effective techniques Churches need to be doing to reach more people in their community and around the world. If you would like me to participate in your event, you can get in touch with me.

I am married and have three children. I coach some of my kids’ teams and am part of the leadership team at my church.

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